Eric Culberson Promoted to President at US Logistics Solutions

Eric Culberson

US Logistics Solutions proudly announces the promotion of Eric Culberson to the position of President. Culberson, who previously served as the Chief Operations Officer, brings over three decades of unparalleled experience in logistics, supply chain management, and transportation to his new role.

Eric Culberson’s leadership is characterized by a deep-seated passion for driving service excellence and fostering a culture of empowerment within his teams. He consistently champions initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and believes in investing in the professional growth and development of his colleagues. Culberson’s commitment to service excellence and team empowerment serves as a cornerstone of his leadership philosophy, driving positive change and fostering a collaborative environment conducive to achieving organizational success.

Prior to joining US Logistics Solutions, Culberson honorably served his country in the United States Air Force, where he earned the distinction of a Gulf War veteran. His military experience instilled in him the values of discipline, integrity, and dedication, which he seamlessly integrates into his professional endeavors.

Eric Culberson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Colorado State University, where he honed his strategic acumen and developed a deep understanding of organizational dynamics. His educational background, coupled with his extensive hands-on experience, equips him with a comprehensive skill set poised to drive US Logistics Solutions towards continued success.

In his new role as President, Eric Culberson is poised to lead US Logistics Solutions into a new era of innovation and growth. With his visionary leadership and steadfast dedication, Culberson is committed to furthering the company’s mission of delivering unparalleled logistics solutions while maintaining the highest standards of service excellence.

“We are thrilled to announce Eric Culberson’s promotion to President,” said Andrew Lovrovich

Executive Operating Partner. “Eric’s strategic vision, coupled with his unparalleled expertise, make him the ideal leader to guide our company forward. We have the utmost confidence in his ability to drive continued success and innovation.”

As US Logistics Solutions embarks on this exciting new chapter, Eric Culberson’s appointment as President marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards excellence.


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