Logistic Freight Solutions Improve Your Business

How Logistic Freight Solutions Improve Your Business

If you’re still managing your own freight, chances are you’re spending more on logistics than you need to! A dedicated logistic freight solutions company has access to numerous tools, and a wide selection of shipping types, which can significantly overhaul your logistics processes for the better. Because logistics companies deal in large volumes, they also qualify for bulk shipment costs that a single business couldn’t achieve.

Logistic freight solutions offer comprehensive benefits, with very few drawbacks. 

Improved Efficiency And Shipment Times

Are your shipment times truly optimized, or are they simply ‘good enough’? A modern freight logistics company has access to virtually every shipment route in the country and has more options in getting your shipments where they need to be, faster.

Or, on the other hand, perhaps you’re in a situation where cost efficiency is more important than time. This can be optimized for as well if your priority is driving costs down for yourself and your customers.

Lowered Costs Overall

As mentioned above, it’s virtually certain that a good logistic freight solutions company will be able to get better deals on shipments. This is largely thanks to the bulk they deal with, but there are other ways they can reduce costs as well. For example, they can leverage less-than-load (LTL) techniques to combine shipments from multiple companies on a single truck or train, reducing costs for everyone involved.

Also, offloading this work to a logistics company reduces the time your workforce has to spend dealing with logistics. This also reduces your costs, by allowing you to focus your labor time on your core business.

Better Tracking And Reporting

Are you still relying on your own shippers to report their operations, or having to jump between multiple shippers to keep track of a shipment across multiple shippers? A good logistics company can deal with all that data for you, and present everything you need to know in a clean dashboard – while also providing all the raw data for analysis.

In turn, this is a service you can pass onto your customers. In most cases, you can give customers access to the data regarding their shipments, so they can more accurately plan for arrivals.

Satisfied Customers

Finally, don’t overlook the benefits better logistics have for your customers, and their loyalty. Faster shipments, cheaper shipments, and better access to data are all very good reasons for your customers to stick with you, rather than looking for a different provider. Holding onto customers is much less expensive than finding new customers, so this can save you significant money on the costs of making sales.

US Logistics can be your logistic freight solutions partner. We have extensive experience optimizing shipments for companies large and small, with a full range of 3PL and 4PL shipping techniques. Contact us to discuss your own logistic challenges.


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